Nyla from Brick and Lace reveals why they split up

The artist highlighted she felt like she wasn't being served any more and needed to find her voice

• The sisters were widely known for their track 'Love is Wicked'

• Their name Brick and Lace was coined to represent femininity’s tough and soft sides.

Nyla from Brick and Lace reveal why they broke up
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Music lovers were largely disappointed when Jamaican sisters Brick and Lace disappeared from the industry with no word.

A lot of speculations were spun on why the two-born Nyanda and Nyla Thorbourne had split up after enjoying such amazing airplay and love from fans across the globe.

Largely known for their 2010 hit song 'Love is Wicked' which was a mega-hit as well as their music artistry that perfectly captured the R&B/Soul and dancehall Reggae in one composition their split in 2013 just when they were gaining super fame was largely felt.

The two went on to create music individually with Nyanda raking in more success in the industry than her sister with songs such as "Slippery When Wet."

A decade later, Nyla is finally letting us in on what actually led to them parting ways.

Taking to her TikTok page she said:

“Hi guys, I just wanted to come here and address a comment... Somebody had asked why after Love Is Wicked, my sister and I stopped singing, and I just wanted to address certain points.

First of all, we did not stop singing after Love Is Wicked, we actually shot another music video but it was not as big as Love Is Wicked but it had some marginal success…we did some other stuff after that too that really could not take the place of Love Is Wicked. " Started off the Jamaican artist.

She went on to add:

"But I just wanted to touch on the point of after we went solo. I know Nyanda worked on her projects and I also worked on mine, including writing for Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Nicole Scherzinger. We did a lot of stuff after Love Is Wicked. But I wanted to touch on why I decided to leave the group; or why we split.

You know, Nyanda and myself, we are sisters; and I was in a group from my adolescents even before Brick and Lace was a group on a professional level- meaning getting signed, doing it on a more bigger scale.

We were in a group, and I was much younger so just to cut the long story short, I got to a place where I did not feel like I was being served anymore. I didn’t feel – and I know people may find this weird or funny to digest- but I feel like I needed to find my own voice.

And you know, we just came to a place of ‘we need to just take a break’ and after being together and being in a group for so long, we kind of had to figure out who we were as individuals,” said Nyla.

Their Brick and Lace name was chosen to represent femininity’s tough and soft sides.

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