'Samidoh huniangusha,but is the best dad to our kids' - Karen Nyamu

Samidoh and Nyamu have been involved in online drama recently.

• Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have two kids.

Karen Nyamu.
Image: Instagram

Karen Nyamu has praised her baby daddy Samidoh for being the perfect dad to his kids.

The politician says despite everything happening around them, Samidoh has always been there for his kids.

Speaking during an interview with Vybez Radio,she shared

"I am very single, even though we have kids.

One thing about him is that he might not be many things but he is a responsible dad.

He does what he does about the kids whether I talk to him or not.

To me he sometimes fails me but he is a good dad."

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu over the weekend celebrated International Hug Day by posting a photo of herself embracing the Nairobi governor, Sakaja.

The mother of three shared a photo hugging the governor while holding him tightly.

The photo elicited a mixed reaction from her fans with some asking her to look for a man and settle down.

A fan identified as @monniemonience  said Karen was unable to look for her own man.

"Huyu alishindwa kupata wake kabisa(So, this one, (Karen) has unsuccessfully failed in looking for her own man."

Karen, who never misses to shut trolls in the comment section laughed at her response and then said she needed some help.

"Tena kabisa. I must admit, I need a helper."

Former Nairobi governor Mike sonko also commented in the post saying;

"Super Kaswenderee loading......" to which Karen responded;

"Enda skia vibaya ukoo. (Go and feel bad far from here.)

Another fan identified as George Okello Jabondo said;

"Sakajaaa ameenda tu hivyo. Goodbye Samidoh."

A few days ago, another fan identified as Joseph Austeen also asked Karen why she has not searched for her own man.

"Mastered reading of Signs of time when you couldn't read such signs of time to get your own man!!! A total disgrace to the legal profession."

Responding to the fan, Karen asked him not to plan her life.

"Joseph Austeen who told you I want my own man? usinipangie life. (Don't plan my life)," she wrote.


If you are single and Nyamu is your type, how about shooting your shot?

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