Ala! Pritty Vishy urging Kenyans to support Stevo Simple Boy

The socialite has made a rallying cry to Kenyans on behalf of Stivo Simple Boy

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He needs financial help to bury his late dad.

• Vishy has impressed KOT with her support for her ex-boyfriend.

Pritty Vishy.
Image: Instagram

Pritty Vishy has come out to appeal to Kenyans to come together and support Stivo Simple Boy to bury his late dad.

Vishy in a show of support for her ex-boyfriend urged Kenyans to financially support Simple Boy.

In a video, Pritty urges Kenyans that any differences should be put aside for this worthy cause.

"I have put his number on the side here, guys I want you to contribute for him, as you all know he lost his dad and the little amount that you will contribute will be highly appreciated."

She added, "Let him feel that we got his back so tuchezeni kama sisi tufanye ile kitu."

Kenyans were impressed with her action and praised her for putting aside her differences with her ex-boyfriend. Read some of the comments below;

rafikiwillyz Now This is what we call maturity... You've earned my Total respect 👏

zainy_zaina Am happy to see this girl ir doesn't mean tht ukiachana na Ex mnakua never know tomorrow,he might need ur help or vise versa....4 those who ate saying tht ana jipendekeza or she still wants guys are overworking

tbaby721 Good girl sasa hata nimekupenda, from Today mtu ajaribu kukuita kibaki atanijua 🔥

Stevo has also shared a similar appeal asking for help. His managment MIB, announced the death on Sunday, January 22, and appealed to his fans to support him.

"We woke up with sad news this morning announcing the death of Anthony Adera, father to Stephen Otieno Adera famously known as Stevo Simple Boy. We urge all his fans and friends to stand with him during these tough times and put him in prayers. May his soul rest in peace," read the statement.

The singer also announced the death and said he is finding it tough coping with the news

"It hurts a lot, but thank you to all who are holding me during this difficult time. God give me strength. Rest in peace father," Stivo wrote.

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