Missing man spotted in prankster's random video in CBD

A man claims to have spotted his missing uncle in a pranksters video

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• A Kenyan TikToker playing skirts helps solve mystery

• Kenyans have reacted to the video with mixed emotions. 

tiktoke on cbd
tiktoke on cbd

A man has claimed that he spotted his missing uncle in a video shared by a prankster in Nairobi's CBD.

The prankster in question walks around town randomly touching people's shoulders and as soon as they join his video he walks away.

In one such video shared 3 days ago, the TikToker has been thanked for solving a mystery.

The man  (TikToker) goes by the name Rex Papi on TikTok.

He does his pranks silently, leaving his 'victims' confused and trying to figure out what is happening.

Rex then shares the videos on Tiktok, which inadvertently generates mixed reactions from his followers.

In one such video, a Kenyan alleged that Rex had helped their family solve a missing uncle mystery.

He thanked Rex saying that his uncle has been missing for over 20 years and was delighted to see him in the prank videos.

The comment elicited laughter because it was so unexpected.

The user going by the name Ntando expressed his joy, in the comment section of the video.

"Ohh my brother you helped me find my long lost uncle, he left to buy bread since since😅😅"

But it seems some people were not too convinced by his comment that he had to provide more assurance.

Ntando assured people that it was not a joke.

"Serious😂 I've been looking for him ahh then my brother found him".

Kenyans are commenting about the pranks being done on unsuspecting Kenyans.

ronaldokoth0😂Kenyans are too peaceful yaani hawafanyi kitu

jemozkenya utakula ngumi Siku moja😂

MAUJI_MIRZA never touch a woman whom she has respected herself and covered herself up. just don't😳😏

hassow1 I will advise you to not touch msichana muislamu hivo ever again...its haram...utaonwa vita walahi

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