'Don't order for food during coffee dates' -Sam West

Sam says one should stick to what brought them to the date.

• Most Kenyan woman are guilty of ordering for food during coffee dates.

Sam West says women should not order for food during coffee dates.
Food. Sam West says women should not order for food during coffee dates.
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Motivational speaker Sam West has warned woman against ordering food when called for a coffee date.

Sam says some men have only budgeted for coffee hence ordering for food leaves them stranded.

Speaking through his You Tube channel, he advised

"When taken for a  coffee date, please stick to that.

Why order for chicken during a coffee date? Kwanza mtu anaorder kuku mbili."

A past  study by researchers known as Azusa Pacific University and U.C. Merced found that “23 to 33% of women surveyed had engaged in a foodie call.

This may come as a shocker but frankly, it's not because personally if I am not so into you I will only be there for the food, drinks and the company.

Researchers in this particular study found that people who were likely to engage in “foodie calls” were also the same people to have negative personality traits such as narcissism and more likely are to engage in deceitful behaviour.

What else are “foodie call” participants more likely to do? According to the study, they’re more likely to

    • Engage in “one-night stands.
    • Faking an orgasm.
    • Sending unsolicited sexual pictures.

And you thought Future was wildin’ when he said, “Chicken wings & fries, we don’t go on dates.”

As a lady would you go on a date just for food? As a man what's your opinion on men who go on dates just for the food and drinks?

Put your feedback in the comment section tuone foodie ni wangapi.

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