• Moji Short Baba has penned an emotional message on his Instagram page recounting about the death of his mother Waithira.

• Moji said he lost his mum in 2014.

Moji Shortbabaa.
Image: Instagram

Gospel artist Moji Short Baba has penned an emotional message on his Instagram page recounting the death of his mother Waithera.

Moji who was promoting his wife's upcoming show about grief said that it has been 10 years since he lost his mum but he is yet to overcome the loss.

Moji said that losing his mum was the hardest experience in his life.

"Muhia wa Waithera!Most of my relatives used to call me that when I was younger. Losing my mum (Waithera) was one of the hardest experiences I have gone through as a person and to be honest it's been 10 years since She left us and I can't say I have ever gotten over it," he wrote.

Moji added that although a loss becomes bearable over time, losing a mum never gets easy.

His wife Nyawira will be hosting an event on the 4th of February where the invited guest Kambua, will share her experience with loss.

"I think over time it’s become bearable but losing your mum never gets easy. When my sweet wife @nyawiragachugi shared that she wants to speak on grief I was so excited; because I know how close this is to her heart.

Get your ticket now- they are moving so fast. Another great treat will be she shall be launching a grief devotional on the same day! I am looking forward to hearing @kambuamuziki and the learnings from loss," he wrote.

In a past interview with SPM Buzz, Moji said he lost his mum in 2014.

"Just when I was making it. My sibling was young. Losing a mum is not something one gets over. Even now when I go through something I wish my mum was there so that  I can share with her. She died at a time when I had sworn to treat her good because I had started making  some money."

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