• Vishy and Akinyi have ignited rumours online about their friendship.

• Akinyi is also a content creator.

Becky Akinyi with Pritty Vishy.
Image: Instagram

Tiktoker Becky Akinyi and Pritty Vishy are both celebrating some major milestones on social media. A week ago, Pritty announced that she received the Instagram verification badge on January 7.

She however took a few minutes from her moment of glory to blast haters.

"Ya'll so-called influencers with big numbers be so funny. Only because I came from nowhere and did my things even tho ya'll called me names are now mad and trying to make me feel bad.Only becoz I got verified in less than a month in this game. Stop in now ya'll can do better than this. I have worked hard for my brand... I might look silly with nonclassy pictures and video but just wait for me am coming there just like the way I am here."

And now it's Becky's turn to make the same announcement. The two girl pals have gushed over this achievement. The two hang out together with Pritty receiving a cake for the occasion. 

"Today was my salon day and @rozzbakes decided to surprise me aaaah I am celebrating my verification 🥰🤣acheni ni celebrate jamani

THANKS @rozzbakes for the cake 🥰🥰 @beckakinyi24 got verified today too congratulations bby." shared Vishy.

Pritty and Akinyi set tongues wagging in December 2022, when a video of them trended. The two girls were cuddling intimately something that got Kenyans talking.

The friends also engaged their fans in a live show where they were seen kissing several times on the lips while sipping drinks.

In videos that have been widely shared on social media, Vishy is also seen lifting the TikToker up while they dance.

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