Nairofey reveals how she met her UN based husband Duncan

Nairobi explains there were so many red flags she ignored about her man Duncan

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

•Naierofey tells when she realized he was fake living in New York

•He was very controlling

Content creator Nairofey has opened up about how she met the man she calls her boyfriend.

Nairofey aka Esther met Duncan in 2019, and her naivety led her to believe he was a sweet man who wanted to give her the world.

They met originally on Facebook where they formed a friendship. Duncan then told her he would travel to Kenya for his birthday party.

That was in February 2019. She was very impressed.

Duncan had told he he worked for the UN and would also help her secure a job.

He even moved her into a one bedroom house that he paid rent for.

They began talking actively after this

"For me we were purely friends, he want my type and him too he wasn't thinking of me that way. "

The two would talk about their respective relationships.

He came to Kenya in 2019,

" He was celebrating his 30th birthday and I had just turned 21 a few months ago. "

There was a party at home, and they met here fro the first time.

This is what Esther believes led her to ignore all the red flags that were there.

When he came he urged her to drop her job and told her he would get her a job at the UN, then move to his company the UN

"Omg I remember even taking official photos and him training me  me how to do interviews"

That is how she was trapped. "to me he is this man that has saved me and told me the process of landign the job would take long,"

That is when she got into depression

"I wasn't supposed to hang out with my friends, I wasn't suppose dot be out past six pm, when I think of those days how did I get someone so much power over me?"

Her love however preceded all. Duncan insisted that she cut ties with family members who were jealous of her.

She obeyed him in spite of feeling that something was wrong.

She told of the moment she realized he didn't work for the UN in New York city.

"We used to face time and one day it was at night and according to the timing in New York was day time but where he was was darkness, so I asked him kwani?"

She started begin so keen and demanding he show her the place, until he confessed that he lives in Russia and New York.

She continued with him, opened her popular YouTube channel, that he eventually took control of, including monetizing it. 

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