• Amber announced her pregnancy on 4th January

• They havent shown her belly yet.

Amber Ray expecting a baby with Rapudo
Amber Ray expecting a baby with Rapudo

Amber Ray has been doing the most to hide her belly from curious fans after announcing her pregnancy.

Weeks after the announcement of her pregnancy, Kenyans are yet to see how socialite Amber Ray looks after claims she is expectant.

The announcement made on the Instagram stories told of her delight at finally having a baby for her fiance Kennedy Rapudo.

On 4th January, Amber and Rapudo showed pregnancy test results.

"Oh boy," Amber Ray captioned the photo.

The couple shared a photo on Instagram showing Rapudo standing behind Amber in the kitchen while holding a pregnancy kit test.

Since then there have been no further updates until Monday, January 23 when she shared a video of Rapudo holding vitamins prescribed to pregnant mums.

On Monday, Amber and Rapudo took his daughter to boarding school and they returned home, where she joked with him about the man also experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

Amber joked

"Huku ni kama tuna mimba wote"

Rapudo responded by showing the audience some pregnancy gummies.

"These things are so sweet, tuna mimba wote" he shared before eating a piece.

Amber protested saying that he would finish the gummies for her

 "You are finishing them for me, baby these are for pregnant women"

On Tuesday, January 24, Amber showed off her perfume collection and confessed she is nauseous and allergic to them.

She is no longer applying her favorite scents.

A third video shows the socialite and her man out and about, riding in his Range Rover.

Amber reveals her excitement for the next stage in her pregnancy.

"Out and about to look for our gender reveal party venue. I know it's early but I can't keep calm. plus I have dreamt of this for so long" she continued her inner thoughts.

The couple, who both have children from previous relationships, got engaged in November 2022.

The couple went public about their relationship in June 2022 after sharing photos on social media while on vacation.

However, after two months of dating, they broke up due to what they termed as 'irreconcilable differences'.

Asked whether they planned to get back together, Rapudo said,

"Unfortunately no, she can be happy with someone else. She's a good person just like I said before and she deserves nothing less than happiness."

But rumors of their reconciliation soon started circulating after they posted photos and videos on their social media platforms at similar locations.

Kennedy Rapudo with Amber Ray.
Image: Instagram

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