• Karen has been a thorn in the flesh of Edday over the past two years.

• Things came to a head in December when the two women faced off in a Dubai club.

Mugithi star Samidoh, his wife Edday and Nominated senator Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu has had to deal with a certain fan online who suggested that she should love her hubby's baby mama, nominated senator Karen Nyamu.

This came after the mom of 3 had posted a TikTok video with a certain Kenyan deciding they should poke the bear with the outlandish idea.

 "Penda bibi number two kama wapenda Mungu, (Love your co-wife if indeed you love God)," the fan said.

But Edday (who normally keeps her peace as far as the politician goes) was having none of that nonsense and went full-on assassin with a serious retort.

"Kwani ni mimi namuoa (Am I the one marrying her)?" 

Is it a shock that Edday isn't one bit pleased about such a suggestion? Nope to the keen (even casual observer) Karen has been a thorn in her flesh with the nominated senator always taking the opportunity to take shots at her.

Just this past week, Karen hinted that her baby daddy didn't hold his wife to the same standards he did for her when they were together.

Her two examples to illustrate this was that she had to ditch her artificial wigs when she started dating him.

"This is a few years back at a political rally in mombasa. Kabla nikutane na ka mtu kakaniambia vile kanachukia wigs nikazitupa mbali hahaha wacha tu nicheke sababu siwezi lia.

(Before I met someone who told me they did not love wigs. I threw them away. Let me just laugh since I can't cry.)

A fan identified as Purity Pul Favour took the opportunity to claim that the singer had lied and that he was the one buying his wife, wigs.

"Alikundanya haki he is the one buying for mamayao those wigs."

That was the opening that Karen needed and went on an expository journey explaining how the first wife enjoys all the privileges.

"Purity, 1st wife hata anone vibaya haambiwangi lakini wewe unalipiwa gym very fast. This life hao wife wana enjoy sana."

Methinks that as long as Samidoh is alive and breathing, then the cold war between the two women who have his children will never end.

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