• The reaction of her family is rather unexpected.

• Pritty has a crush on some celebrities.

Pritty Vishy.
Image: Instagram

21-year-old content creator, Pritty Vishy recently found out her grandmother is cool about whatever lifestyle choices she makes (even if they are fake).

On her YouTube channel, the content creator confessed to pranking her grandma that she iss a member of the LGBTQ community.

"I want to tell her that I'm not attracted to men so let's try do this," she started the video.

Pritty added that, "Mimi nimekaa nadhani sipendi wanaume saa kuna nini ingine inaitwa LGBTQ nadhani mimi ni moja wao."

Her grandmother asked her what exactly she meant and Purity added, "Those girls who like girls."

She continued, "Sasa mimi sipendi wanaume I have come to learnt that I like girls, my fellow women."

Pritty also said that this means marriage to girls. "This means nikioa mwanamke mwenzangu sitawahi zaa," she told her shocked grandma.

This prompted the grandmother to exclaim as the socialite added, "Sipendi wanaume juu sasa napenda wanawake like if I am in a relationship with them, sitapata mimba."

Her grandmother catches on and asks if that is what Kenyans call 'ushoga'. Pritty agrees saying, "Yes it is something like that."

Her granny says that she is okay with whatever lifestyle choice Pritty chooses and the family will gladly welcome whomever she has chosen.

Pritty was raised by a single mum and did not know her dad. In 2022, the Kibera-born resident opened up about her family life saying her dad was a deadbeat.

She noted that he abandoned her while she was young and did not want anything to do with her while growing up. Her mum remarried but that relationship did not last.

Her mother would, later on, take up a job as a makanga.

"Ilibidi ameingia makanga because she went to driving school and akakua a makanga juu si easy lazima ukue na driving licence.

So kukua makanga ilikua inampay off vizuri juu maybe a day anagelipwa 2k kukiwa kubaya kabisa 1k or 700 hivyo so akafanya fanya.

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