Things men should keep in their house to make sleepovers smooth (List)

Most men would not do this as they are in multiple relationships and this would ruin it for them.

• Sleepovers are nice but if not well planned they can turn out to be a disaster.

• With the country battling super gonorrhea, it is only prudent for a man to have condoms in the house.


Valentine's Day is around the corner and the truth is most people will be sleeping over at their bae's place.

We have to admit that fun as it may seem, sleepovers don't always go as planned.

Below are things men can keep in their house to make their women's life easier during sleepovers.

1. Painkillers

Painkillers come in handy especially when one has tummy upsets or headaches. Some of these painkillers can also be used to treat menstrual cramps.

2. Pads

Yes, you read that right.

There is no shame in having menses as it is part of life. It can be very unwelcoming if the menses come when one was not prepared.

To avoid such incidents how about keeping some pads in the house for such rainy days?

3. Condoms

With the country battling super gonorrhea, it is only prudent for a man to have condoms in the house.

They not only protect one against unwanted pregnancies but also against some sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Stretchable pants

Such pants are very useful especially if you are skinny and your gal is a plus size.

They can be uni-sex, but what is important is, to have a pair or two in the house.

5. Loose T-shirt

Even Sol Generation sang about an oversized t-shirt, not only is it comfortable but it makes one feel sexy as hell.

6. Toothbrush

Always have an extra toothbrush in case your guest forgets to carry hers.

7. Body lotion

Not all men use lotion on themselves.

Some have embraced the moto, mwanaume ni kuparara. But always ensure you have some body oil in the house.

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