' I thank God for you Everyday' Esther Musila to Guardian Angel

The couple were criticized by many over their big age difference.

• The couple recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

• Esther Musila wed her bae Guardian Angel on his birthday.

in a file photo
Esther Musila with Guardian Angel in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Esther Musila has thanked her husband Guardian Angel for being part of her life.

She says that given a chance, she would still do life with him.

Taking to her socials, she penned

"My G, I thank God for you every day. For the peace, love, and joy you have brought to my life. 

Walking in this journey called life with you, only I know how much you continue to impact my life every day. God bless you for me and may the good Lord continue to increase you🙏.Have a gratitude-filled Sunday."

Guardian responded by saying Musila has made him a better man.

"I Thank God for you Ma Love. You have made me a better Man. ❤️"

During the couple's wedding anniversary almost three weeks ago Musila penned a cute message to the love of her life.

posing together
Guardian Angel with Esther Musila posing together
Image: Instagram

Further explaining that her heart is filled with gratitude for the love and friendship that comes from her husband.

"Thank you for the late-night laughs and the early-morning kisses you shower me with. Thank you for showing me humility and being a blessing to my life," she wrote.

Musila added that every moment of her life with Guardian has been memorable.

"Thank you for holding my hand through this life and proving that good men still exist, and thank you for the pleasure of being the woman in your life. I truly wish that you are blessed with happiness, health, joy, and prosperity in life."

Musila's gratitude post comes days after the couple's daughter celebrated her 29th birthday.

On Saturday evening, while home with her family, the 29-year-old said her mum invited a photographer to their house and she kept wondering why.

While seated in their living room, a video of Guardian singing a happy birthday song to Gilda, in a cute video with Musila seated on his lap was played on their TV screen.

The video now on her Instagram page shows emotional Gilda shedding tears as Guardian is seen embracing her.

Gilda, who was holding her dog shed tears and her mother also gave her a warm hug as the other family members cheered.

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in a file photo
Esther Musila with Guardian Angel in a file photo
Image: Instagram
in a file photo
Esther Musila with Guardian Angel in a file photo
Image: Instagram