• The two jetted off with their squad

• They attended the NBA Paris game 2023

Juma jux and girlfriend at the NBA Paris Game 2023
Juma jux and girlfriend at the NBA Paris Game 2023

Tanzanian singer Juma Jux has taken his rumored girlfriend Karen Bujululu on a very expensive date.

The two jetted off to Paris, France, and shared their cozy moments in the plane as they neared their destination.

They toasted to champagne and kept fans excited that they had rekindled their romance since 2022 when they went quiet on each other.

Juma Jux has taken Karen to watch basketball's most anticipated matches of 2023 featuring the Bulls and Pistons.

The game was played on Thursday, January 19, 2023, at the Accor Arena. The average price for a ticket is 500 euros. He bought two, that's sh176K.

If indeed he took his squad of boys, then he parted with way more money, however, we look at his date with Karen.

Since the two are not seated at the front, those tickets are 900 euros.

Jux could even have spent more because according to industry pundits, this does not include parking, food, and celebrity meet-ups at the VIP stands.

Several PSG players including Neymar and Kylan Mbappe attended and meeting them is a pretty penny.

Juma Jux is not broke and may dig deeper into his pocket for this opportunity.

Fans got to know about Karen Bujululu in February 2022 in a video for Valentine's day song. 

Many said she resembled his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mdee. 

Jux had prepared an elaborate surprise for Karen, in a soft launch to netizens.

"She didn't know I would be prepared the surprise for her, she almost fainted when she walked in and saw everything. Happy Valentine's, baby, sorry for the heart attack I almost gave you,” Jux captioned the romantic moment.

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