• Areas that are notorious as make out spots among youngsters include Tatu City, Ruiru Dam and open areas near Garden City.

Maina Kageni.
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 Radio King Maina Kageni has advised Kenyan women against degrading themselves for a few minutes of sexual pleasure.

His sentiments were based on the recent increase of Youths and married couples visiting undeveloped places, and parking lots, and using their cars to make out.

Some take the escapades to the extreme and go all the way

"Women, how can you be allowing yourself to be doing these things in 2023?' Questioned Maina 


"Go find a room."

*Steve called in exposing the high number of cases of sexual immorality being experienced.

"Kenyans have become manner less and they do not care.

They have coitus in the car, especially hawa watu wako na tinted cars.

On Saturday and Sunday, Ruiru and Tatu City are where people have to go to make out in their cars.

You should take a tour and see what is happening. These things started during the Covid-19 period."

 *Cate shared;

 "Just visit Ndumberi near Sasini Tea plantation, it is one big bedroom."

In a recent Facebook post, Kenyan influencer Mamake Bobo had expressed her shock at how casually teenagers are having sex.

"Today I weep for the future generation. I was toying with the idea of doing a teen event (16,17,18&19) and as usual I decided to do some research so I know the areas of concern. The things I've learnt have left me so drained, worried and having sleepless nights. I'm not sure I can do the event anymore. The saddest part is that their parents have no idea of what's happening kwa ground.

I've seen mihadarati I only hear and see kwa movies, I've been told they start having "consensual sex" at 14(even girls) and "it's not a big deal".

They don't think HIV is a big deal since nobody talks about it anymore but they are really scared of pregnancies so p2 is clearly well known to them. They've mastered the art of being very polite and helpful at home so the parents have no clue what their kids are outside home.

I'm worried fam, I'm sad and I'm feeling helpless.

What's your opinion on dams being fenced to prevent couples going there for picnics.

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and Mwalimu King'ang'i
Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i
Image: Instagram