Pritty Vishy taking BF applications but with 1 condition!

The socialite is desperate for a man this Valentine's season

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The new rapper in town wants to know why no one is admiring her curves.

• Vishy talks more about the type of person she wants.

Pritty Vishy.
Image: Instagram

Kibera's finest Purity Vishenwa aka Pritty Vishy is looking for somebody to love her. The recently verified content creator has taken to her Instagram reveal  her desire.

"Swali ni akuna a potential man out here mwenye a anaona hii mzigo?"

Her rant is based on  the fact that Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

"Aki valentine is coming please get me out of this side🤣🥹🥹 guys should start dming me interview is on going in my dm🤣🤣make sure ukona pesa my fuend hio ni first qualification 🤣😝niko serious," she added.

Fans instantly inundated her comments section. Some of the comments are below;

that_sagittarius_segnora Wewe ukona hizo pesa kwanza ndio angalau ukipata mwenye pesa mtaelewana vizuri 😄

_kk.ellie Ati first qualification ni pesa we uko na nini

wambuajmary Kinuthia ni sister yako?

jeyb_classic Niko na pesa lakini hii haikai vile nataka 

The curvaceous socialite has been sharing interesting anecdotes on relationships since late last year.

For instance, in September 2022, the socialite confessed through a Q&A session, that she might also be interested in the same gender.

The 20-year-old said that she thinks she might like both genders because she also stares anytime a voluptuous woman passes by.

She got tongues wagging about this in particular because, in December, a video of her and socialite Becky Akinyi getting cosy went viral.

Other quotes that give us an insight into perhaps the kind of man she would ideally want were captured on her Instagram at the close of the year when she wrote;

"Ladies, don't date a jobless guy. You will never find him cheating and he will act loyal because he is broke and he will be there to tell you how you ARE his only 'hope' Wacha apate kazi. Hapo ndo unajuanga kumbe Ninja ni wire ya umeme."

In December she also wrote,

"Let me just remind you..meeeeehn are never satisfied hunny..let no man make you change your personality, shape career for him to be with you. A man will have a very nice figured,classy and a wife at home and still chieft with a fat,unshaped (fupi round)who is a maid🤭🤭...main message don't let a man tell you what to do,who to be,and the kind of a body he want juu bado ata CHEEEEAT."

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