• Baite addressed the issue vaguely in an interview late last year.

Evelyne Wanjiku aka Miss Kiambuthi.
Image: Instagram

Comedian Vinnie Baite is at the centre of very strong rumours on TikTok that he is dating a beautiful lady named Miss Kiambuthi.

There are even many pictures of the two together that social media in-laws insist are proof that they are romantically involved.

Miss Kiambuthi in an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko has now addressed the rumours.

Evelyne Wanjiku aka Miss Kiambuthi has a legion of fans on TikTok and the man behind the camera, helping record her videos is said to be the comedian.

"He is my man, he is the guy I am with. He is a man," Everlyen says *laughing". "He is a guy I am dating that's all."

Social media detectives claim that the man has the same height, and voice as Vinnie Baite something she refuted during the interview.

"No, it's not Vinnie Baite, the voice is similar and I have seen the rumours but actually it's not him, I have heard the voice is similar."

The two are former University classmates, who coincidentally share a love for social media content creation.

"We went to the same campus, we were in the same class, and we've done content together before on campus, even if you check his youtube you will see me in the videos we have done together, but that does not necessarily mean we are together, we were just in the same campus, in the same class, and we've done content together, its just content creation, you find someone who can do well in your vines or in your videos then you do videos."

She insisted, "So let me just say it's not him." But a few days ago she said she was dating him.

"Honestly but we are not it's not him, the voice is the same, I like tall men that's why people speculate, I don't know how I can really explain it. We are not in a romantic relationship before."

They were at Ruger's Meru concert in December, "I went there for content creation, there is a video on my youtube channel and it was purposely for content creation."

"He probably has his own girlfriend somewhere, the reason why most people are saying it is because of those DCI videos, they are from our campus time, so the pictures are making sense because we took many pictures together on campus, but we are not a thing."

Vinnie on his part has also addressed the matter in December 2022. Laughing about it, Vinnie said, "Let me tell you everyone on TikTok is tagging me asking me questions about Miss Kiambuthi. They want to know about us, unapeleka wapi Miss Kiambuthi mbona unafanya Miss Kiambuthi sijui nini."

He added, "Mapenzi haifichiki hata mimi nangojea mungu anipee mke mwema," he told Sauti TV.

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