Dennis Karuri- Hatred from trolls motivates me

Karuri criticized people who hate him but still continue to follow him.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• Karuri had uploaded a beautiful picture wearing feminine clothes and makeup in a neat way.

Dennis Karuri.
Image: Instagram

Make-up artist and cross-dresser Dennis Karuri has slammed people who pretend to hate him all day but secretly follow him.

Karuri said that there are many such people among his followers adding that their hatred gives him the motivation to push on.

"It's funny how many hateful comments are from fans who follow me so loyally.

I love them all. At the same time, love is also abundant. I don't know how much your sweet message and nice tips mean to me. I am forever grateful. Love, peace, blessings, and happiness your way!” Karuri wrote.

The make-up artist's declaration came after he uploaded some photos with more than ten thousand people going through them and leaving a few comments.

A section of commentators seemed to criticize him strongly for deciding to dress like a lady while also acting like one.

"You are fine but your legs have betrayed you, they belong to a man," one named Peninnah told him.

"Now with all this neatness, are you wearing boxers inside or not? I'm just asking for my friends, don't hate," another asked him.

"What is this.....Now you will not give pleasure to a female child. Every day look at Mya," another said.

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