• Shanteel revealed that she is still in touch with her co-parent about their daughter's parenting issues.

• He also noted that he has only one child, Zuuh Konde who he had with Harmonize several years ago.

Official Shanteel with Harmonize.
Image: Instagram

As the war of words between Harmonize and Rayvanny continued on Instagram on Monday, the co-parent of the Kondegang boss, Official Shanteel engaged her fans in a question-and-answer session on the network.

During that period, netizens asked Harmonize's baby mama various personal, life, and professional questions including about her relationship with the singer.

One of her followers asked her why she agreed to have a child with the Bongo star when they were not actually married.

"So must you be married to a person to get a child with them?" she sarcastically replied.

Shanteel also revealed that she is still in touch with her co-parent about their daughter's parenting issues.

Another fan of hers wanted to know if she would agree to marry the musician once he was done having fun with other women.

"When he finishes his doing his rounds, I will be married," she said.

She also noted that she has only one child, Zuuh Konde who she had with Harmonize several years ago.

Shanteel had a romantic relationship with Harmonize when the musician was still dating Sarah Michelotti.

The short-lived relationship caused the break up of the marriage of the Kondegang boss and Sarah which the 'Birthday' singer spoke about back in 2021.

The singer revealed that the birth of the child was the cause of the breakup of his first marriage with Sarah Michelotti.

Konde Boy revealed that Shanteel was worried about the pregnancy and was even ready to give it up, but he forbade her.

He said that he accepted the duties and took care of the pregnancy until the child was born.

"He told me and asked me if I was ready or if he should give birth. Since I am a Muslim, abortion is participating in sin. I was not ready for it. I decided it was the way that Almighty God decided to take me.

As a man, I stood up to ensure that the pregnancy takes place until my beautiful daughter is born, my first love, Zuuh Konde. That thing hurt the person I was in a relationship with, Sarah," Harmonize said at the time.

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