Photos: Prezzo's ex Amber Lulu exposes domestic violence by bae

The socialite says she is still in the relationship for her daughter

• This is not the first time Amber Lulu is going public about her abuse.

• She has a daughter with her alleged abuser and baby daddy Emba Botion.

Amber Lulu beaten up by her baby daddy.
Image: Instagram

Prezzo's Tanzanian ex-girlfriend Amber Lulu has exposed her bae for allegedly beating her up. The socialite cum musician has claimed that the man has even vowed to kill her adding she is afraid to go home.

According to Lulu, she is being beaten for working which she refers to as 'kumtafutia ugali mtoto wangu."

Mpaka naogopa kurudi nyumbani kwangu. Mtoto wangu namuita hotel. Ukiangalia mwili wangu kama daaah," she wrote.


Prezzo's ex Amber Lulu

Amber added she hates how bad her body looks due to the injuries inflicted on her.

In the past, Lulu alleged that her baby daddy was abusing her even when she was pregnant adding that she has to persevere.

"In relationships, these things are very common but as women, we have to persevere. I cannot talk much about it as it might affect my man and my baby and family which is not a good thing."

In one of the photos, Amber mentioned that it has been happening for a while; adding that she holds on for the sake of her daughter.

She wrote; "Navumilia mwisho wa siku nije kumuacha mwanangu mdogo sana."

Below are photos from the abuse

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