Kate Actress before and after photo gets international acclaim

The you as a baby and now thread online has gone viral

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Kate Actress has shared her own photos of the challenge.

• She has captured international attention with her tremendous attention.

kate actress ont he shade room
kate actress ont he shade room

A viral challenge urging people to share their before and after photos has been warmly received by netizens.

Many have shared those pictures leaving netizens in awe of their transformation from baby to adult.

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress is one who has participated in the challenge and caught the attention of the US megablog The Shaderoom.

The mom of 2 was excited and shared a screenshot of her appearance on the blog.

The last time Kenya was featured on the ShadeRoom was during our December 12 Jamhuri day celebrations.

The thespian always shares her grass-to-grace stories with fans to encourage anyone that they can rise above their humble beginnings calling herself the girl from Nyahururu. 

She has always told of her story as a single mum struggling but never giving up hope in her career.

Kate Actress.
Image: Instagram

Her history is inspiring for anyone who needs motivation as Kate got pregnant three months after joining campus, and was heartbroken by her baby daddy, among other challenges. 

But despite her early struggles, she soldiered on with her big break coming on the show Mother-in-Law, which launched her into the stratosphere among Kenyan audiences.

She is now an award-winning actress, raking in the big bucks. That baby picture of her looking ashy has got nothing on the cute, bubbly, and gorgeous Kate we now know today.

Meanwhile, you can catch up with Kate in the romantic comedy Disconnect 2 that is screening now.

How huge is that challenge? It has over 58 million views at the moment. Below are more amazing transformations people are sharing of themselves.