Diana Marua responds to KOT demanding to see daughter's face

Baby Maliaka is going for her clinic visit as she is now six weeks old

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Diana Bahati has responded to Kenyans demanding to see her face. 

• The mother of three has an interesting response.

Bahati with Diana Marua.
Image: Instagram

Diana Marua is celebrating a huge milestone in her newborn's life. Her third child, baby Malaika has turned six weeks old and the excited mother took her for the regular clinic visits babies must attend.

Diana teased fans that they may never see her baby's face because it's not necessary.

She was responding to questions from Kenyans online who have been asking why she has not unveiled her baby's face.

"Endeleeni tu," she shared about the endless curiosity.

She will not even offer a snippet of the newborn but assures her bundle of joy is beautiful. Diana teased fans that they could get to see her baby's face if she gets to 1 million subscribers.

But eager fans can't keep calm. "Mimi niwaonyeshe ati pressure ya online niwaonyeshe mtoto wangu."

She continued, "I show you my baby's face because of online pressure? Never. For now, let me bond with my baby. Let her enjoy her milk, let me enjoy her skin, let her feel my heartbeat. I'm not mean with my baby's face," Diana assured that it would happen when the time is right.

The 6th week for babies is an important milestone that many mums enjoy something that Diana touched on.

"Today is baby's day out, and it's not the normal baby's day out. Baby is at the six weeks mark and it's the first time she gets her jab, the last week has been overwhelming," she shared.

She delivered her thirdborn in November 2022 and opted for a CS. During the birth announcement, Bahati had posted a photo of himself holding the infant tightly close to his chest and captioned it,

"Malaika Nyambura Bahati born November 1st, 2022, glory to Jesus!!! @malaika_bahati.”

Diana on her part gushed about their baby writing,


Baby Malaika has her own Instagram handle and she has amassed 34k followers so far with the parents going the extra mile to hide her face.

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