Samidoh's interesting advice about men who wear vitenges

The artist said that no man wears the dress willingly but is forced by a woman

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• Others told her to wear a turban so that Nyamu would not approach her if she knew that he was someone's husband.

Image: Instagram

Mugithi musician, Samwel Muchoki aka Samidoh has given advice to ladies who are looking for men who are single.

Samidoh has asked the women to make sure that they do not fall for a man who already has his woman, the first sign is to check what he wears.

Samidoh said that if you see any man wearing a kitenge, then know straight away without many questions that he is someone's husband.

Samidoh defended his advice by saying that from his experience in love, no man likes to wear such clothes but many who wear them are forced by their women.

"A man in kitenge belongs to someone 😊, no man wears that thing willingly 😀. Ndumberi, nawapenda sana."

Some advised him that if he had known this advice earlier, he probably would not have found himself in the trap of Senator Karen Nyamu with who he has two kids despite already having a wife.

They told him that he should have worn the kitenge earlier as a symbol for Nyamu to see that he is someone's husband and thus avoid him.

The saga of Nyamu and Samidoh has been talked about on the internet for the third year now since the nominated senator dropped a bombshell that the singer had fathered her second child.

At the end of last year after her scandals in Dubai, Nyamu announced her withdrawal from the relationship and said it was the last time people would see her with the musician.

However, some feel that those were just words and as the days go by, they will be seen together again showing their love for each other as usual.

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