Mavin’s Bayanni talks about dream collabo with Diamond & visiting East Africa

Meet Bayanni, the hitmaker behind the viral tune Ta Ta Ta signed by Don Jazzy

• Bayanni who is a signee at Don Jazzy’s owned record label Mavin Records has been ruling the airwaves with ‘Ta Ta Ta’.

• The fast-rising Nigerian star Bayanni got signed by Don Jazzy about two years ago and his breakthrough song is off his EP dubbed Bayanni.

Don Jazzy with his signee Bayanni

Music can bring people together in peace and harmony and if you ask me no song has united the whole of Africa like Ta Ta Ta by Bayanni.

Bayanni who is a signee at Don Jazzy’s owned record label Mavin Records has been ruling the airwaves with ‘Ta Ta Ta’ – people from all walks of life are jumping on the dance challenge of the song.

The fast-rising Nigerian star Bayanni got signed by Don Jazzy about two years ago and his breakthrough song is off his EP dubbed Bayanni.

This writer took a virtual interview with the singer and songwriter to get to understand his musical journey and future plans as far as his music career is concerned.

Bayanni tells me that he has big plans for his East African fans following the warm reception that his song and EP have been accorded on these sides.

He mentioned that aspires to work with the likes of Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu, Rayvanny, Sauti Sol, and other stars from the East African region.

Currently, Don Jazzy has signed Ladipoe, Boy Spyce, Johnny Drille, Crayon, Ayra Starr, Rema, Magixx, and who is our guest today.

Jazzy, discovered Bayanni through social media (Instagram) after his habit of sharing his freestyles on Instagram paid off.

According to Bayanni is he pleased with the reception his song has been accorded so far.

“The song is part of my EP that came out a few months ago. It’s been doing well over here and I have so been seeing a lot of videos from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and even South Africa. This is making me so happy because have so much love for my fans in East Africa,” Bayanni kicked off the conversation.

He went on to shout out stars he admires from the East Africa region before I could even pose the question to him.

Singer Bayanni

“Shout out to Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu, Rayvanny coz I'm a big fan of East African music, knowing that my song is doing very well over there gives me joy. It's just amazing,”.

I wanted to know the Inspiration behind this viral and catchy song ‘Ta Ta Ta’ singer was willing to explain.

“I don’t just make music, whenever I’m about to make a song – I always tailored the song to the way I’m feeling at that particular point. And that day I was in the mood and it is one of my easiest records to ever make. It was an easy flow. The producer even asked if I wanted to leave the song that way and I said yes,”.

During the conversation, it came out that ‘Tat Ta Ta’ happens to be Bayanni’s breakthrough song as he had not released other projects officially.

Apart from the viral song – The Bayanni EP had a total of four songs and it took him roughly 2 years to piece everything together. 

“I so many songs during the period I was in the academy and it took a lot to select only 4 tracks that will introduce the Bayanni sound,”

When did you join Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records and how did that happen,” a question was posed to the singer.

“I joined in December 2019. I had just finished school (the year before) and I was dropping freestyles on my Instagram every single day. I could put them up and get 100 likes or 200 but I maintained consistency.

 In 2019 December Jazzy saw my freestyles and he was impressed. He reached out to me saying he would like us to work together,”

Don Jazzy went on to invite Bayanni to Lagos for a studio session and as they say, the rest is history.

“I came, we played a few tracks and he was impressed and I joined the academy that day,”.

How was it meeting Don Jazzy for the first time in Lagos?

“I was star-struck for the first time when I met Don Jazzy. When I entered the studio for the first time he was there seated and I was so confused, I didn’t know if I should sit or stand…it took me like 15 minutes before I sat down. I was really shaking but with time I started getting used to HIM,”

When did you first discover that you can sing?

“I was born and raised into a musical family, my mother was a Choir mistress when we were kids so I sued to sing in Church,”

"At the age of 7, I was playing drums and I went high where I learned how to play more instruments. So music for me was I thing even when I was still a kid. I never saw myself doing something else,”.

What did you study in School now that you have mentioned that you went to University?

“I studied accounting and when I finished my degree I told my Dad that I want to do music and he actually encouraged me to go for it. And in less than a year Don Jazzy called me,”.

I’m sure he is happy for not stopping me,”.

What are some of the music producers you are working with Right now?

“I’m working with a lot of producers right now among the; Spark Beats, Eye control, London, Louder, and the list is long,”.

Who are some of the artists that you want to collabo or work with from East Africa?

“They are many and I can’t wait to come to East Africa. There is Zuchu, Diamond Platnunmz, Rayvanny, Harmonize and these are just the ones I can remember now,”.

I love the East African sound and I feel we have a lot in common,”

Are there plans for you to visit East Africa anytime soon?

“There already plans and I’m coming soon, be ready for me,” Bayanni affirmed.

How has being signed under Mavin Records influenced and even changed your life and music career?

“It’s one of the best moments of my life being under Don Jazzy. It’s amazing so far. It has been everything I dreamt of because of the way I make music and even approach it differently. I can say learning from the best,”.

Does being under the Mavins Records spotlight give you some sort of pressure and need to prove your worth?

 “The Pressure was there when I had just been signed now I have learned the ropes and I know how to balance everything,”.

Tell me what comes to your mind when you hear these names.


Bad Boy, a guy for the ladies. An amazing artiste overall.


Amazing person. They’re very few people like him on this planet, kind heart. And a big fan of Davido.

Tiwa Savage

A Big sister I never had. Her Vocal strength is out of this world.

Don Jazzy

That’s my role model and mentor right there.

Diamond Platnumz

I’m a big fan of Diamond and I love his music. I love that he had done several collaborations with Nigerians. He has a home here too.


Amazing vocals.

What are some Kenyan artists that you know and would possibly collabo with?

‘Definitely, I’m open for collaborations with Kenyan artists but I’m not that good with names that few that I have mentioned ta the ones I can remember.

‘In a very lively person and once I enter Kenya it will be all vibes,”

What are some of the things you can say are working for you as an artiste?

“One I will say consistency, then humility and putting in work.

Talking about the join Mavin Records Album, Bayanni had this to say;

“The album perfectly captures the uniqueness that Mavin Records has when all the stars come together. It’s an album of ten beautiful songs and people should check it out,”.

What advice would you have for someone joining the music industry or aspiring to join?

“Be consistent in what you are doing. Everything gets better with consistency.

Always learn to be patient and work hard as nothing comes easy. There is no reason for you not to work hard because even the richest person in the world is still working so you have no reason not to work,”.

What is your message to your East African fans?

I can’t wait to come to East Africa, I have been a big fan of East African music (sound) and I love East African fans so much.

Thank you for loving my music, and dancing to it. Thank you so much and shout out to the ladies in East Africa. We need to dance together and party together so I’m coming soon,” Bayanni signed off the Interview.

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