KRG the Don charging almost 250K to follow back on Instagram

The musician says he does not follow just anyone

• He is best known for flaunting his wealth.

• KRG says he is allergic to poverty.

Krg says no comment at the moment after his PA splits alleged beans
KRG the Don Krg says no comment at the moment after his PA splits alleged beans
Image: Instagram

KRG the Don has revealed the amount of cash he will charge to follow you on social media. He says he does not follow people randomly unless you have influence.

Taking to his socials, Don ranted about how a fan wanted him to follow him back on social media just because they had bumped into each other.

"Just some random guy told me to follow him back simply because I was having fun next to him, then my manager asked him yeye ni motot wa nani?

He said ati ni fan wa KRG. I do not follow random peeps kama I do not know you personally or hauna kakitu. But ukifika bei ya$2K I will dearly follow you back."

Other celebrities who have shared their rate cards include MC Jessy, Anerlisa Muigai, Pritty Vishy, Akothee, and Churchill comedian Jasper Murume.

According to Jasper Murume, he charges Sh200,000 to MC and Sh120, 000 to perform at corporate events.

Jasper highlighted that his charges are high because "I believe I'm the best."

He went on to add that he won't be doing club appearances but he can perform and performances don't come in cheap.

"I am now charging 200k for club performances. No appearances, thank you." Wrote the former Churchill show comedian.

Sharing the post he added,"Yes... clubbing is a luxury. Hiyo bei itaongezeka soon. I have decided to ask for my worth going forward. 

Kama hufiki bei usijali, kesho pia ni siku na wasanii ni wengi!" 

For events such as weddings, Jasper has an interesting twist to it.

He'll offer MC services for free as long as you hire him for sound and videography.

Personally, I feel like that is an amazing offer because in one package you get sound, videos of the day, and an MC.

"I charge nothing to MC weddings, as long as I provide the PA and visual coverage for just 140 thousand!' Jasper revealed.

Jokingly adding, "kama sija MC kwa harusi yako bado hujaolewa." 

For brand activations, Jasper will be charging Sh150, 000 but slightly negotiable depending on the number of days listed.

And 100 thousand to MC at corporate team building exercises because as he claims, "My middle name is fun."

The comedian finished off by pointing out, "For church events, just call me. I'm very likely to do it for free." 

Before adding (in reference to all the performances) "if you're not happy with my job at your event I will accompany you home to perform for your wife and children.... alafu ulipe tena." Accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Would you pay KRG 250k to follow you back?

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