Akorino lady who alleged twins impregnated her loses child

Emily's baby daddy says they lost their daughter due to negligence

• The Akorino couple lost their one week daughter at  JM Memorial Ol Kalou.

She has lost her one week daughter.
Kenyan YouTuber who rose to fame after Emily alleged she had been impregnated by the twins. She has lost her one week daughter.
Image: Facebook

Emily the Akorino woman who alleged to have been impregnated by twin brothers has lost her child.

The woman had alleged she did not know who between the twins fathered her child. The twins, Peter and Teddy later retracted the statement saying they had only been clout chasing.

Taking to social media to announce the demise, Emily's boyfriend penned,

"Saddest morning ever in my entire life JM Memorial Ol Kalou Hospital needs to do some explaining to us. God’s will, NOT me and Emily’s will." He captioned accompanied by crying emojis

The first time dad alleged they lost their daughter Kui due to a lack of finances.

"Lack of money made us lose you Kui we could have taken you to a better hospital JM Memorial Ol Kalou Hospital in Nyandarua county is the worst when it comes to services.

Yani kutoka 4pm adi 7pm mtoto ako kwa laini kwani mnalipagwa kufanya nini?"

Emily. The akorino woman rose to fame after alleging she had been impregnated by twins.
Image: Facebook

Check out some of the reaction comments

Wangombe Wa Kakamega: How do you expect us to trust that there was negligence while you are the same people who proved to us that you are liers from the word go in the name of clout.

How will you convince us that you are not doing the same !I'm a medic and I don't think at this era of civilization there is anyone who will let anyone die in casualty ques .

Note : we don't have to blame medics for every death !May the little Angel Rip.

Shiru Ka Wairimu: May God comfort you... Take heart dearest may God give you peace ... Woooiyee ma.

Shiroh Njama Felly: The time you will stop blame games and mourn in peace your heart will heal we understand its painful but you need to be at peace with your self.

Essy Kinuthia Essy Kinuthia: May God grant u peace and may He comfort you during this hard times.

Ramsey Ann: There's no need of all this,go back to your knees.

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