Postpartum health issue currently facing Anita Nderu

The new mom highlighted that her 4-month-old baby girl was also currently undergoing the hair loss stage


• The former TV presenter has opened up about her struggles after birth.

Barrett Raftery with Anita Nderu with their child.
Image: Instagram

Anita Nderu just shared the current mom's life dilemma she is going through. According to the overdressed cook, her hairline has decided to bid her goodbye.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Anita shared a picture of her hair paying keen detail to her hairline. She then went on to narrate how she'd noticed that she was losing her.   

"Guys!!! I caught a glimpse of my hair while in the bathroom and had to show y'all how much hair I have lost. It literally falls in chunks from the roots everyday," started off the new mom.

She went on to add,

"My hairline has moved so far back all this text fits!!! I don't even mind that it's thinning and falling off but can it at least do so with uniformity? What kind of hairline is it working towards? Can I be in on the plan?"

The new mom highlighted that her 4-month-old baby girl was also currently undergoing the hair loss stage.

Talk about mommy-daughter goals.

"Peanut is also at the balding stage. You would think we have puppies in our home cause of the amount of shedding we are doing.

Apparently, hair loss is common postpartum for some people at the 3-4 month mark which is where I'm at. And should grow back in a year." Anita noted as she went on to joke that their hair growing out would be her husband's Christmas gift.

"So Christmas gift it is then B," Anita finished off as she added laughing emojis.

Another celebrity who shared battling the same dilemma as Anita Nderu is "Kai Wangu" hitmaker Nadia Mukami.

The artist had it so bad that she ended up shaving her entire head.

Sharing a picture of her new hairdo just before her 26th birthday last year Nadia revealed that she had to shave off because of her newborn.

According to experts, increased hair shedding is common during the breastfeeding and postpartum period.

Changing hormone levels affect the shedding. Falling estrogen levels can make hair seem thinner or shed excessively.

It is typical for people to experience hair loss or excessive shedding during the breastfeeding and postpartum stage.

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