Man accused of leaking Georgina Njenga's intimate videos comes clean

The content creator had alleged the man leaked the video out of jealousy

• The man alleges Baha's baby mama Georgina Njenga used to sell her steamy photos.

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha and Georgina Njenga.
Image: Instagram

A man alleged to have leaked the steamy video of Georgina Njenga's baby mama to actor Bahati has denied the claims.

The man now alleges that the accusations were 'baseless' and added that, "Unless she has any solid proof that I leaked her nudes. We were friends with benefits a long time ago," he further claimed.

Georgina had earlier said that the man was just someone she liked adding that she didn't know why he might have leaked the video.

She stated the man started threatening her in 2020 after she made her relationship with Machachari actor Baha public.

"It happened at 17 with someone I liked,' says Georgina.


'He started threatening me immediately I exposed my relationship with Tyler in 2020."

Check out some of the reactions from Kenyans who saw the leaked video;

@ItsKingWanga: Hawa ma feminists and celebrity sympathisers owe Kibe a big fat apology. Dude been spitting facts. He Predicted Georgina and Baha split. They thought he was just hating. Well that aged well like palm wine. It happened exactly like he had predicted.

@MuigaJim: Lakini Andrew Kibe predicted whatever is happening to Georgina Njenga and Baha. Nitaanza kuskiza huyu jamaa for relationship advice coz weeh.

@OmariKE: Waking up to your wife's nudes trending, must be traumatizing. But kots are more bothered about it than Baha mwenyewe. Yaani Nyinyi ndo mnataka kuact kama divorce catalysts?

@Anto_mbuguaa: Fuck some exes..... Y'all judging na clearly she looks Young.... She was 17.... Everyone has that "young and stupid" phase...... Baha has a good woman.... The society is the problem

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