• Larry details his experience as a black person abroad.

• Kenyans have sympathized with the CNN correspondent.

CNN's Larry Madowo in India january 3
CNN's Larry Madowo in India january 3

Larry Madowo is in India and has been having quite the experience with the locals there.

Madowo's duties at CNN have taken him to India and while sharing beautiful photos of his travels, one thing has left him with questions - the fascination with black people.

The media personality revealed this peculiarity in a tweet that he made earlier this morning writing,

 "Random people keep asking me for pictures in New Delhi, and not because they recognize me from TV. It’s because I’m Black/foreign. I don’t get it."

Kenyans while commenting on his challenge said that they too have faced the same experience, mostly in Indo-Asian countries.

Former Capital FM personality Miss Mandii also concurred saying, "...One of the worst experiences to go through traveling. Hate it smh 🤦🏾‍♀️"

Football commentator Michelle Katami also added her own challenge writing;

@MichKatami..You are lucky they haven't touched your skin yet to confirm if you are indeed human 😂😂

Another told Larry...@HassanaliHatim...Bro start charging for it, you’ll make enough for a couple of kingfisher’s every night.

@real_matee...It’s happened to me in India and China. Very intrusive.

Larry in a consecutive message added, "I get asked for pictures A LOT in China. They bring their kids, everyone smiles, it’s cute. I don’t remember this happening when I was last in India in Mumbai or Bangalore. But my Israeli friends have also been asked for pictures in Delhi by strangers."

The celebrated media personality covered the New Year's celebration in Kenya and was in Mombasa showcasing the coast as a fun tourist destination.

He was at the Mombasa Waterfront riding around in a camel moments to the 2023 countdown.

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