Amira's cheeky reaction after Jimal mourned about being lonely excites Kenyans

The businessman shared a photo of his huge house saying it has an echo

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Fans have commented that it's due to his marital woes.

• Amira was seen laughing in a photo and KOT think is about his thoughts on the echoes in the house.

Jimal Rohosafi.
Image: Instagram

Somali businessman Jimal Rohosafi is getting candid about his house being empty and it having echoes.

The comment was shared by Jimal on his Instagram stories that, "I can feel the echo but it's better 100 percent."

He showed his massive home in a nighttime picture as he parked his expensive car along the fence.

jimal lonely in empty house
jimal lonely in empty house

The comment that he may be lonely in an empty house could have ignited an interesting response from his first wife Amira who on Thursday, January 5, who shared a picture laughing.

She asked her fans and followers to guess what she was laughing at/about.

Amira cheekily wrote, "Guess what was I laughing about 🤣"

Here are comments to Amira;

nyanchamabalones Echo yenye haijamove on 😂

oriaberyl that your ex husband nowadays is a motivational speaker 😂😂😂 salute Amira

rozeraymond Echoes

Many responded that it was about ex-co-wife Amber Ray saying she was kicked out and is now homeless and kicked out, while others referenced Jimals caption above about a house echoing.

Image: Instagram

Jimal has been sharing motivational quotes since his second wife Amber took to her Instagram to allege that Amira was kicked out of her Syokimau home.

Amber said this on Christmas day 2022, when visiting her former home where she too left in controversial circumstances.

"Nakumbuka akiwadanganya nimefukuzwa huku, saa hii yeye ndio hawezi kanyaga huku tena, kafukuzwa kama mbwa," the socialite wrote wrote in a diss aimed at Amira.

Amira reacted the following day saying, "Crazy how even minding your business makes people upset."

The feud between these two women escalated in June last year when Amira took a group of women to Amber's doorstep where they abused each other.

Amber then accused Amira of making her life unbearable as they tried to live as co-wives. The estate residents complained bitterly and Amber soon after left for another home.

The socialite is now pregnant with her Luo fiancee while Amira has been on a weight loss journey dubbed the comeback.