Diamond Platnumz: Rayvanny paid more than Harmonize to exit WCB

The WCB founder has lost his two most prominent signees over the years

• Diamond Platnumz  clarified that Vannyboy had actually paid money contrary to reports that he hadn't.

Rayvanny, Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz in the past.
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has disclosed that former signee Rayvanny paid WCB more money than Harmonize when he was exiting the label.

Diamond was asked whether Rayvanny's exit was different and that's why there wasn't a grudge. He denied claims that Rayvanny never paid money while leaving the label.

"Not true. Rayvanny paid a lot more money than Harmonize," said Diamond.

After exiting WCB, Harmonize complained about the large amount he had to settle after parting ways with the label.

(It was reported that the 'Matatizo' singer had to pay his former label Tshs 500 million (Kshs 22M) in order to get rights to his masters and the Harmonize name)

Since then he hasn't seen eye to eye with his former boss and mentor, unlike Vannyboy.

In his exit message this year, Rayvanny said it was a wonderful six years and so far has kept his friendship with Diamond.

"It's been six years since we started working together, my team, my family WCB Wasafi, the love, unity has been a very strong pillar as a team."

"I have learnt a lot from the team and also, we have achieved much as a team. You have raised me and nurtured my talent,"

"It is my time to leave home and start a new life. The aim is to grow and also it is to create an opportunity for other artistes. I leave and others get helped. I will be helping other young musicians wherever I am going. I was helped to get to this level," he wrote in his exit message on social media.

Diamond and Rayvanny even released a collabo even after the 'Kwetu' hitmaker left the label.

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