Karen Nyamu: 'I wasted no minute with Samidoh!'

The senator responded to a poster who attacked her past relationship

• Karen broke up with the singer a few months ago.

• Despite all the drama in their relationship, she said it was worth it.

in the past
Karen Nyamu with Samidoh in the past
Image: Courtesy

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has declared that she didn't waste any time during her now-ended romance with Mugithi singer Samidoh.

The mom of 3 did this while responding to a follower who had commented on her Facebook post regarding veteran broadcaster Catherine Kasavuli’s death.

“Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time. Rest in peace Tv siren Catherine Kasavuli,” wrote Karen.

The Facebook user didn't have any chills and decided to use the post as an opportunity to attack Nyamu's past relationship with the musician.

He wrote, “Ironically, you have been wasting your time with the Thamidoh...But I guess you regained your senses."

But as most people who know Nyamu are well aware, she doesn't wilt easily and she came back at the poster without any fear or shame, enumerating all the benefits she had gotten from Samidoh.

In a mature and measured rejoinder, she said, “2 beautiful babies in 3 years my friend I wasted no minute.”

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh in the happy past.
Image: Twitter

Her retort elicited a lot of comments leaving Kenyans divided.

The politician was recently involved in some major drama while attending a concert that Samidoh was performing at in Dubai.

During the show, Nyamu behaved poorly and nearly fought with both Samidoh and his first wife Edday.

It got so bad that she had to be thrown out of the establishment by security. She later blamed the alcohol she had imbibed as the cause of her behaviour. Nonetheless, she said she didn't regret her behaviour.

Her embarrassing antics caused a scandal online with the senator even making the decision to break up once and for all with the charismatic musician.

“Great and powerful women will attest that many times our weakest link is the men we get involved with. I am stopping this pattern," she wrote.

But that doesn't mean that her parliamentary colleagues didn't take note of her poor behaviour and she has since been summoned to explain it-something she will do in the new year.

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