Sights and scenes from Cebbie Koks' lavish traditional wedding

Cebbie and her older sister Akothee have not been on good terms and it is not known if Akothee attended the wedding that took place in Nyanza.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• Famous people including Lang'ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o attended the cultural event.

Steve Ogolla and Cebbie Koks traditional wedding.
Image: Facebook

The sister of musician and entrepreneur Akothee, Cebbie Koks, has finally tied the knot in a traditional wedding with her longtime boyfriend, lawyer Steve Ogolla.

In pictures that were circulated on the internet on Wednesday, December 28, the two had a traditional wedding in one of the pristine locations in Nyanza with many people and celebrities attending the exquisite event.

Cebbie Koks bride price being delivered.
Image: Facebook

On her special day, Cebbie wore a beautiful white and gold dress, while Steve Ogolla wore a Nigerian-themed oufit, green cap, and walking stick.

Steve Ogolla, Cebbie Koks and their bridesmaids at the wedding.
Image: Facebook

Lawyer Steve Ogolla got engaged to Cebbie Koks recently in a beautiful ceremony in an elegantly decorated hall where he got down on his knees in a gentlemanly way and put on her engagement ring.

Steve Ogolla kneeling down to propose to Cebbie Koks.
Image: Instagram

He presented her with flowers as they walked together to the set that had the words 'Marry Me' in white. Later on his Facebook page, Ogolla wrote happily saying that his lover had finally accepted his marriage proposal.

Followers on social networks have sent the couple congratulatory greetings, wishing them well in their union.

The reception for Steve Ogolla and Cebbie Koks wedding,
Image: Facebook

It is not clear if Cebbie's sister, Akothee attended the event, but it is understood that Akothee recently had a medical issue.

For a long time, there have been rumours on the internet that Akothee and her sisters don't get along.

Despite the existence of a clear difference between Akothee and her younger siblings, when people attacked Koks on social media after accepting the proposal from Ogolla, the mother of five strongly defended her while criticizing all the blogs who write negatively about their family.

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