'Excited to leave behind everything that wasn't genuine,' Jacque Maribe says in end-year note

The former Citizen TV journalist has penned an emotional note to herself about 2022

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Maribe is looking forward to welcoming 2023.

• The mother of one is looking forward to new friendships.

jacque maribe poses in black and white dress for ruracio decmber 2021
jacque maribe poses in black and white dress for ruracio decmber 2021

Former TV journalist Jacque Maribe is bidding goodbye to 2022, with a hopeful message to herself regarding the past year.

"Excited to end the year and leave behind everything that wasn't genuine," she wrote.

The mother of one added; "More excited to add this new chapter with a new year with actual genuine people and things.

To you my family, my true friends who became family and love that formed my family, here's to wins in 2023," she ended the note saying, "Love, gratitude, connection, and power."

In September she sparked discussion after talking about a job at DP Rigathi Gachagua's office.

On her Insta Stories, the former Citizen TV star had shared that there was a possibility she might have been appointed as the Communication Director in the office of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

She used a fellow journalist's comment that suggested she was the incoming Director of Communications in the office of the Deputy President, pinned it on her Insta Stories, and wrote; “Mambo tu ya God…”

After trending, she was forced to clarify that it wasn't true.

“I am not the Director of Communications at the Deputy President's Office. Thank you for the well-wishes, calls, and texts. Mambo ya God,” she posted on Insta Stories.

Jacque left her tv job in 2019 when she resigned from Citizen TV after she was mentioned as a person of interest in a murder case where she was accused of aiding then-fiance Jowie Irungu in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

She was also rumoured to be in a state of depression from all those events. KOT claimed that Jacque was depressed and had turned to binge drinking and was on suicide watch.

She addressed rumours on her IG stories;

"This life no balance. When good things happen in your life is when saitan (satan) sends his agents on overdrive. Tupo site! We are going to no evil destination. God is ever so faithful. Unone, ukonde, wewe be happy with your life (and) leave others to their happiness."

She added;

“Suicide watch? Depression? By who? When? Why? I don’t even drink. I’m happy and healthy. But ni life, sasa watu wakitaka clicks tufanye?” she wrote.


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