WHO ARE YOU?! Alikiba blasts Diamond Platnumz's managers

The Bongo singer has had beef with the Diamond in the past

• The musician is unhappy with the list that Diamond's managers came out with.

• He has promised to address the issue properly when it cools down.

Image: Instagram

A few hours ago, Alikiba came out guns blazing on his Instagram page with his sights set on Diamond's managers Babu Tale and Sallam .

And what is his beef with them? Their end-year rankings for the most influential Tanzanian musicians in Kenya.

In both lists, their client Diamond emerged tops while Kiba appeared 7th in Sallam's list while not even appearing on Tale's list.

Sallam SK's list.
Image: Instagram
Babu Tale's list.
Image: Instagram

The lists have lit the fires underneath Kiba who issued a long statement on his social media saying that the two had achieved what they wanted with their ranking. 

"I think mmeshajulika kama nilazima mchokenolewe, Ndio mfunction, ili jambo lenu liende. Nilitamani kumwambia Njomba kimbulu asiwachokunoe maana mtakua mmekamilisha malengo yenu kwa bahati mbaya."

He added that even the message he had written will popularise their list because he is the king.

"Njomba Hajawagundua ila mimi nawajua vizuri for your Sisumbuki tena Najua hata hiki nilicho kiongea hapa kitawasaidia kwasababu mimi ni KING wenu."

Image: Instagram

He then asked what right Sallim and Babu had in ranking Tanzanian artistes but said that he wouldn't address the issue again until it cooled down.

"Tena mmekaa kikao kujadili na kurank wasananii. WHO ARE YOU? Nitaongea jambo lenu likiisha. Haya sasa nadhani nimewachokunoa vyakutosha tena kwa malengo mnayoyataka have nice show." 

Diamond and Alikiba have a complicated past with the two never really seeing eye to eye as they both see themselves as the big kahunas in Bongo music.

The two had a presumed detente' in their simmering beef the past few years but it seems that Diamond's camp wants to re-ignite that war.

Let's see how this ends up. Maybe a fire album from Kiba? Who knows?

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