Mary Lincoln pens wonderful Boxing Day message

The singer was involved in a scandal a few months ago after her intimate photos leaked

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• In her Boxing day message, Mary seems to have moved on from the whole affair.

Mary Lincoln.
Image: Facebook

Musician Mary Lincoln has been doing her thing away from the paparazzi's cameras since her intimate photos were exposed on the internet a few months ago.

The second wife of journalist Njogu wa Njoroge was humiliated to such a great extent and was even seen in church repenting and being prayed for by the pastor.

Now in a boxing day message, a happy-looking Mary shared a couple of Bible verses that reveal the state of mind she has been in.

She started by paraphrasing Proverbs 13:12 and wrote;

"Ũndũ mwĩrĩgĩrĩre waga kũhinga nĩũragaga mũndũ ngoro,no ũndũ mwĩrĩgĩrĩre wahinga nĩũkenagia mũndũ........Muthenya wa ûmûthî Boxing Day ûndû ûrî wîrîgîrîire urohinga.."

(If you hope for something to happen and doesn't happen, it breaks your heart. And when you hope for something and it happens, it makes you happy. Today, on Boxing Day may it come to pass.)   

She also added that God had given her a second chance and cleansed her, and sanctified her name and her image to society.

She uploaded a picture of herself in a quiet place wearing floral pants that match the top, sandals, sunglasses, and a big hat.

Mary Lincoln.
Image: Facebook

She also accompanied the pictures with a verse from 1st Timothy chapter 1:12. "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who strengthened me by seeing me as faithful, and placed me in his service. Although in the beginning, I was a blasphemer and a torturer and a violent person, I was pitied because I acted in ignorance and unbelief," Lincon quoted the passage.

Lincoln is the second wife of broadcaster Njoroge and she is a mother of three children from a previous marriage.

Some speculation has spread online that the images caused many issues in her marriage, with some pointing at Njogu's loud silence after the leak.

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