Pritty Vishy denied passport for this unique reason

Vishy is asking what she can do.

• The 21-year-old could help but feel hurt.

• Place of birth is important in a birth certificate.

Stivo Simple boy's ex girlfriend has been denied a chance to apply for a passport.
Pritty Vishy - Stivo Simple boy's ex girlfriend has been denied a chance to apply for a passport.
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Digital content creator Pritty Vishy is currently a very dejected soul after her passport application was rejected.

Vishy got sent back home after the offices noticed there was an issue with her birth certificate.

Narrating her ordeal Vishy went on to reveal how shocked and sad she was.

"So today I went to apply for my passport, and on arrival, I gave out my documents.

Now this lady, the one that was attending to me said my birth certificate is fake because it doesn't have jina ya hosipitali nilizaliwa ( doesn't  have the name of the hospital she was born in.)" Started off with the 21-year-old and one could already tell where this was headed.

Vishy added that after being turned down she went back home to confront her mom about why such a crucial detail was missing from her birth certificate.

"I had to go back home so I have asked my mum na amesema sikuzaliwa hosi. (and she revealed to me that I was not born in any hospital)" Vishy wrote confirming what we'd all guessed.

She went to cry in frustration asking people if they had any suggestions on anything that she could do to help her situation.


"What will I do now? I felt like crying." Finished off the content creator.

The set back  comes a month after Vishy opened up about all the generational curses she has broken.

Shoots her shot at Daddy Owen
Pritty Vishy Shoots her shot at Daddy Owen
Image: Instagram

The 21-year-old couldn't help but choke up as she reminisced over how hard life had been and how proud she was of herself to have made it out of the slums.

"I'm proud of myself... I'm proud to be the first in my family to leave Kibera my grandma and my mum were both born and raised in Kibera but I changed that narrative for myself.

This year I moved out of Kibera a few months ago and I'm super grateful," Vishy said proudly in an interview.

Vishy opened up on how besides being able to leave the slums, she'd broken another generational curse, being the first girl on her mum's side of the family to not only finish high school but also not fall pregnant at a young age.

"I'm the first girl on my mom's side of the family to actually finish high school and I'm not pregnant. 

I'm a walking miracle

"You know my mom got me when she was 14 years, her sister's none of them has ever finished school. Mtu anafika form 2 or form 3 then boom gets pregnant," 

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