Michelle Ntalami open to dating much younger man

Marini Natural CEO Michelle Ntalami wants a relationship like that of Zari and Shakib

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Ntalami confessed her thoughts in a funny note.

• Her sexuality has been a topic of discussion for some time now. 

Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami
Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami's sexuality has long been a topic of discussion for Kenyans.

The Marini Natural CEO says she admires Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan who is dating a much younger man.

Zari is 42 and her boyfriend Shakib is 31.

Ntalami on a Q&A with her fans Thursday, December 15, told them to ask her any question as the year draws to an end.

Most of the questions had to do with issues surrounding her sexuality.

One male fan asked her if she is open to dating men and more specifically being a sugar mummy to him.

Michele indicated she hated the term sugar mummy because it suggests a financial rather than real love situation.

"Hi Michy, do you do pure gentleman yet untouched mommy?"

She laughed and responded "Guys this made me crack up. As in? And then the mummy complete with heart emoji"

"Anyway I am not a sugar mummy and I’ll never be a cougar even if I date someone younger than me. So if you ever see me with a younger person, trust me it's real and I’m really feeling them. Like Zari and her boo'

"None of that just satisfies me and I pay/keep you kinda thing"

Michelle also told another fan that she does date men.

Describing her type "And yes I do. Really high standards but I do," she concluded the discussion.

michelle ntalami sugar mummy reqest
michelle ntalami sugar mummy reqest

Ntalami has been on a hiatus from social media and explained that it was a social cleanse.

"Thank yo to all that are asking, checking in. Also my DMs have made me realize my fans and followers love me so much and really keep up with my stories /posts...awww I love and miss you guys too"

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