Amber Ray rants about 'noisy' church in her area

Amber said the noise was too loud

• Amber shared a video of a religious group who matched while singing.

• Amber wants noisy church people stopped

in a file photo
Amber Ray in a file photo
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Amber Ray has called upon Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to also curb religious groups causing noise pollution in the city.

Through her Insta stories, the mother of one shared a video of a religious group who matched while singing.

According to Amber, the church people began their routine at around 6:00 am morning of Sunday December 11, 2022.

Amber Ray said not even clubs made such noise.

"I respect religion but this is so wrong in all ways, all this noise at 6 am and imagine we are on the 7th floor plus to make it worse we don't even understand what they are saying. I swear I have not seen any club make this much noise. Sakaja is this fair?" she said.

Governor Sakaja has in the past few weeks been raiding noisy clubs in residential areas.

A few weeks ago, a catholic priest caused a buzz online after he said churches in estates should be closed down just like clubs are being closed down.

Father Kinyua called for closure of churches in the estates arguing that they too are among the key contributors of noise pollution in the residential areas within Nairobi.

"Our country is very noisy. The other day there is a gentleman in this country, a lawyer cum politician from this Turkana county.He made a statement which I actually supported 100 per cent.

This is what he said, that just as the pubs are blocked from operating in estates because of noise, the next step should be closing the churches in the estates because why should people worship with a lot of noise? Can’t people worship in silence? I could see how the hypocrites were castigating him," he said.

According to Father Kinyua some churches are louder than clubs and so they should be among those that have them regulated.

"… no you are thinking like a pagan, atheist… but the guy had a point. Today, churches are noisier than pubs, that is the truth. Our churches have more noise than drinking pubs. That tells you we have a problem."

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