Stop It! Hamisa Mobeto warns cyberbullies questioning who fathered her son

The identity of the father to Hamisa's son questioned yet again

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Her son Dylan is the subject of cyberbullying 

• Hamia has warned rumormongers over questioning who he is

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Courtesy

Hamisa Mobetto has hit out at cyberbullies questioning who the real father of her son Dylan is.

The model took to her Instagram to warn bullies saying the speculation must stop immediately.

"Stop talking about my son, stop it .

How does a grown person decide to sit down and talk about matters that don't concern them, how do you talk about a five year old child ni kama walikuwepo wakati anapatikana.

Binadamu mpooje nyinyi!!!

Au mnataka nini haswa niwasaidie?"

The identity of the father of her son has long been a subject of debate, and his looks fuel paternity questions. Hamisa has said that it must stop

"I have never asked anyone for financial help to take care of my son, never, so please I am begging you mumuache kijana angu hamjawahi hata kumuona live lakini manene mengi sana "

The mother of two added she does not like clout chasing using her children's names

"sipendi kero na mtu na mimi sio mtu wa kuropoka wala muongeaji chonde chonde tusije onanan wabaya.."

The paternity issues began when she got pregnant after rumors she was dating Diamond Platnumz.

She gave birth to a boy and the name similar to Diamond elicited a reaction.

"Ya nini kwamba mnakosa vya kuongea au ni nini? please muacheni mwanangu please namuombeni.."

"Deal directly with me if I wrong you, otherwise keep my son's name out of your mouth"

She added that only the mother of a child knows who impregnated her,

"What business is it of yours who fathered my son ndo mumpangie baba nyie kama nani haswa?"

She continued

"It doesn't concern you at all""Only a mother knows who her child's biological father is. Maybe you don't know yours.

komeni tena mnikome na mtoto wangu shobo zenyu pelekeni huko mlipowazoea.

stop this nonsense and leave me and my son alone"

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