No Chills - Karen Nyamu fires back over husband 'snatcher' claims again

Senator Karen Nyamu is not letting fans troll her on her social media

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Fans are saying she is using Samidoh to stay relevant

• A fan told her snatching is offensive, she said she will use another term

Karen Nyamu.
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is confronting allegations of being a homewrecker once again.

Back in September after being sworn in, Samidoh showed up to support her, and this ignited a conversation about her dating a married man.

Fans accused her of snatching someone else's husband and she had to fight back. 

She retorted 'Ni bwana si mabwana" after being told she is good at 'stealing' husbands.

This has once again returned to haunt her.

On her Facebook, Nyamu was congratulating Nairobi Governor Sakaja on banning nightclubs in residential areas. 

Several fans reminded her that she uses Samidoh to chase clout.

Kamau Arap Mucheru Zima iyo uende ukanyonyeshe....watu wa baze wanaskizanga uongo zao apo wakichana

The mother of three reacted

Karen Nyamu, Youth President Kamau Arap Mucheru mama yako angenyonyesha ungekua na akili. ona sasa humake sense😅

Legènd KEGet a husband of your own, and we will consider your moral authority to give your views...

Karen continued; "Legènd KE the problem is you think I care🤣

Another told her "grabbing people's husbands is now declared finished". 

She laughed saying "basi we will be plucking if grabbing is offending you"

Here are screenshots of the conversation causing chaos on her Facebook.

Karen Nyamu attacks fan over husband snatcher comment again
Karen Nyamu attacks fan over husband snatcher comment again
nominated senator attacks fanover samidoh
nominated senator attacks fanover samidoh
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