Diamond showers Mbosso with praises, reveals why he is successful

Diamond signed Mbosso in 2018

• Diamond Platnumz says signee Mbosso is one of the most disciplined artiste.

• Diamond said with such working ethics, Mbosso will shine even more.

Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz has praised his music signee Mbosso describing him as one of the most disciplined artiste.

Speaking to Wasafi at one of Mbosso's performance events, Diamond said Mbosso is talented and always pushing his music.

"I want to congratulate Mbosso he is talented and very disciplined. He works hard and he always learns."

Diamond said with such working ethics, Mbosso will shine even more.

"Mbosso will go very far. Thousands of fans came here to watch him perform and they are yet to get enough of him."

He also thanked his fans for always supporting Wasafi artistes.

"I appreciate those who support our music. Ours is to do music and then our fans to support our talent.

Mbosso is promoting his recent EP, KHAN, released in October this year.

Diamond praised his signee for capturing people's attention with his 30 seconds teaser to the lead single of the EP which has now gone viral on social media.

"When you look at Mbosso's unreleased song 'Huyu Hapa' the teaser itself has over 120 thousand videos made from it. And the song is not officially released."


"He is loved, he sings well, and has no issues with people. He is my favorite."

Mbosso was officially unveiled as Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) signee in February 2018.

Mbosso previously was under the Yamoto band.

Mbosso joined WCB after his former group disbanded amid speculation of a misunderstanding with their management.

Yamoto was being managed by Mkubwa Fella.

In a past interview, Rayvanny said he was the one who persuaded Diamond to sign Mbosso to Wasafi.

“Mbosso Lava Lava ni watu ambao walinikuta Wasafi na pia nilikuwa nawaambia msikate tamaa kila kitu kinaenda sawa. Na nilikuwa naongea na Diamond bhana Mbosso yupo vizuri lakini hana Management tumsaidiae, mimi ndio nimelazimisha hadi Mbosso amefika pale,” said Rayvvnny.

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