Alex Mathenge narrates being drugged & robbed by 'mchele babes'

Mathenge has been through two incidences with mchele gang

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The actor recalled how a basmati babe seduced him. 

•The second incidence is hazy according to his account

alex mathenge and mchele gang robbery incidence out of town
alex mathenge and mchele gang robbery incidence out of town

Four years ago, actor-comedian Alex Mathenge encountered the mchele gang (women accused of dragging revelers).

Recalling the incident that almost left him dead, Mathenge disclosed to Oga Obinna that he has since learnt his lesson.

"Hhio siku nilikuwa na pesa kama saitan, you know that kind of money that makes you do things such as wacha leo nitembe na pes keney mfuko kama 100k."

He felt like spending money on people and his generosity knew no bounds. Even the Dj got the cash.

"Mtu akinifurahisha thao, so that time I had just started my comedy journey bit, so that day kuna watu nilisalimia, na kuna dame who came and told me 'hi, I'm your big fan'."

The comedian thanked her and noted how beautiful she was. "Kidogo kidgo I saw a drink being brought my way, and the waiter told me that that chick had bought a drink for me. He said she is my big fan na amesema upige drink",.

Mathenge was so impressed he looked in the direction of the fan and signaled his gratitude "nikasema thnks"

He also noticed the same woman giving the waiter her phone to charge it on the counter.

"So it looked like a regular patron of that bar, anajulikana"

The MC and creative writer continued drinking and inebriated.

"Kumbuka niko na doh kwa mfuko so I sat back and thought yani that woman has bought for me drinks, two drinks, why not also buy for her, kwa nini nisirudishe mkono?" That was a wrong move. "nikaambia waiter huyo anakunywa nini?

'He bought her a full bottle of wine. He also noticed she was alone at her table "nikaona it's wrong for someone who has been so kind to you amekaa peke yake ni poa nimuongeleshe".

His kindness was a big mistake.

"Funny enough where I was going was where she was going. Ushaona mpaka mtu anakuflash number yake unasave anakwambia anafanya kazi Barclays but it's a Thursday so tomorrow she is off. "

He was impressed this is a working lady he figured that since she was living close to his hotel, they could go together. He didn't think that since she was so kind to him that she could do anything wrong to him.

He told her "naeza ku drop." He wouldn't allow her to take an uber.

He woke up a day later sleeping in the back of a vehicle. "nime sweat nime fura sura , No one knew me, they called doctors "

He didn't know where he was; "it took me like three days to recover from that. That thing is not a joke, you shake physically, the doctors told me I was to die,'"

He would have suffocated according to doctors.

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