Proud Dad!! Isaac Mwaura's all grown son graduates

The young boy was graduating from PP2.

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Mwaura shared beautiful family pictures of the proud moment

• Njiru is the only child to the couple after they lost 2 of their kids (triplet birth)

isaac mwaura and his wife plus their son
isaac mwaura and his wife plus their son

Senator Isaac Mwaura is marking a proud dad moment.His son graduated from PP2 and he couldn't be more proud.

Mwaura took to his social media to gush over his son Njiru. He shared a series of photos with his wife Nelius Mukami as they stood posing for family photos.

According to the politician, Njiru is adored in his school and has a unique nickname.Njiru's school has nicknamed him 'friendly', as the young tot is a man of the people."This boy has grown to be confident and talented.

The Kindergarten has him as ‘friendly’, a man of the people. Like father like son." wrote

The elated dad.Mwaura added

"Congratulation master Njiru. Dad and mom love you so much and are proud of you! We thank GOD for HIS mercies. I"

isaac mwauras son poses for graduation pic
isaac mwauras son poses for graduation pic
Mr Mwauras son shows skills in school entertainment
Mr Mwauras son shows skills in school entertainment

In 2021, Isaac's wife Nelius shared that she was suffering from depression.Their son Njriu was a part of the triplets.

Two of them, a girl and a boy, sadly died. The triplets had been delivered prematurely.

Mukami said she has had it rough since losing two-thirds of her triplets.

"I have been fighting depression since 2018 in April, immediately after I left the hospital," she said."


"My mental health journey has been a huge rollercoaster and very hard to explain because not many will understand."

People think it's a state of mind that you can just shake off with enough motivation but it is not... At least not for me. "

She said she is grateful for every day that she lives.

"I know deep down that I am not broken and I am worthy. I know there is still so much for me to conquer.

I have spent so much time grieving the person I was and forgotten to be grateful for the woman am becoming. I am a work in progress."

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