• Nadia Mukami will get another child after five years.

• Nadia opened up about her battle with her post-partum body.

Nadia talked struggles of dealing with post-partum body
Nadia Mukami holding her son with Arrow Bwoy in the background Nadia talked struggles of dealing with post-partum body
Image: Instagram

Singer Nadia Mukami says motherhood is a lot of work and therefore she will need time before she thinks about getting another child.

The mother of one in a Q and A session with her fans said she would maybe get pregnant after five years from now.

"Is baby number two coming soon?" a fan asked.

Responding Nadia said;

"Maybe after like five years. Sitaki sahii. Eh, it's a huge sacrifice."

She added that balancing motherhood and career is a lot of work but she has tried so far. A few weeks ago, Nadia opened up about her battle with her post-partum body.

The new mom revealed that she had not been active on social media because she did not feel comfortable in her skin after all the weight she gained through her pregnancy.

Sharing a video of herself working out the 'Kai Wangu' artist complained about how hard it was losing weight highlighting that, unlike most celebrities who've come out to share their weight loss journeys, she wants to do it all natural.

Put in the work instead of using cosmetic procedures or surgery.

"I am trying to get to 60KGs!" the new mom said.

Before adding that in as much as she wanted to lose weight she did enjoy the thickness that comes with pregnancy minus the loose tummy and double chin.

Her baby daddy Arrow Bwoy also urged men to use protection when having intimate relations cause the price of not doing it was one they might not be willing to pay.

"Boychild kama hauko ready na hizi mbwembwe za pregnancy journey tuma tu jwala na ukijipata hapa please cooperate," his caption read.

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