• Diamond has encouraged Zuchu not to give up.

• Diamond also reminded her that he will always love her.

Diamond with Zuchu.
Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz has penned a special message to his lover and signee Zuchu after she cried after her show in Houston was not attended as she expected.

In a cute message on his social media, Diamond celebrated Zuchu saying she is super talented and has all the potential to go international.

Diamond further encouraged Zuchu to keep pushing reminding her that it will not get easy. The 'African Queen' singer referred to Zuchu as an artiste who is super creative and gifted in her career.

"This week we commemorate and celebrate the reborn of the gifted, creative, loving, talented, and humble girl that Tanzania has been blessed with @officialzuchu ..." he wrote.

Diamond further thanked Zuchu for making Wasafi, Swahilis, women, and the whole African continent proud because of her good music.

"Faraja kuona ulipoanzia hadi sasa kufikia kuwa miongoni wa Icons kwenye Bara la Africa.. Siku zote kumbuka, kila kazi ina mitihani na changamoto zake..."

(It is a blessing to see your journey since you started doing music. You are among the music stars in Africa. Always remember, in every test, there are challenges)

"Work hard to be able to receive anything that comes and be ready to deal with it. "jitahidi kuipokea kila inapokuja na kutafta njia sahihi ya kuishinda, maana tafsiri sahihi ya mtihani ni Kupanda daraja baada ya kufauru..."

He then made a prayer to God to always give Zuchu wisdom to overcome all life challenges as he reminded her that he will always love her.

"Mwenyez Mungu akupe baraka na akulinde katika Maisha na safari yako hii ya kuchangia kuonesha Dunia kua WaAfrica tumebarikiwa kipaji kiasi gani…"

Remember Lion Loves you always."

After seeing her lover's message, Zuchu said she will continue screaming to the world about him.

"Love, Thank you for everything. you are my favorite person. Thank you so much May Allah keep you happy and healthy for all of us .you are just so important and I am always going to scream it to the world that you are My Hero. love you so much."

Reports indicated that Zuchu's show received very few people turned up.

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