Zuchu's promoter blasts Andrew Kibe with crazy profanities over Samidoh beef (watch)

Samidoh is being hosted in the US by a female family friend

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Andrew Kibe wanted to host Samidoh but the singer refused.

• Andrew Kibe had weighed in on the matter.

Samidoh with Sue Gachambi.
Image: Facebook

The issue of Mugithi singer Samidoh being hosted a female fan/promoter has caused quite some controversy.

Samidoh is living with a Kenyan woman said to be a family friend. Some Kenyans even claimed that Karen Nyamu had flown to the US recently to mark her territory, something that she strenuously denied.

This week it emerged that Andrew Kibe offered to host the singer who rejected the offer. This did not sit well with Kibe who reacted sharply.

According to Samidoh, Kibe is still living with a 'Sugar Mummy', and visiting him was not a good option.

Andrew Kibe.
Image: Instagram

Kibe's rant has caught the attention of another controversial Kenyan living in the US,  Sue Gachambi, who is also the woman who promoted Zuchu's recent show in the USA.

"Andrew Kibe stop lying to the people, umekuja America just the other day. Na you think you are the sh** unajua kila mahali, my dear we live in the same city.

Kwanza me si live uko kwa ghett. No I don't live in that ghetto sh** I don't live in an apartment, I live in a house. I don't live in that ghetto sh** I live on the other side and guess what Andrew Kibe my darling don't come for me like that."


"First of all you say he was surrounded by women na unaniweka hapo on TikTok mbona ulikata Chipukeezy, mbona ulimkataa, kwani ulimtaka akunyandue."

Sue then repeated the same profanities in the video, saying;

"Unataka Samidoh asurroundiwe na nani? Asurroundiwe na wanaume? Ama unataka kumfungua boot?"

Sue Gachambi with Samidoh.
Image: Instagram

Sue added that even if it was another popular male singer, he would still be surrounded by a legion of adoring female fans.

"Kama angekuwa  akitaka kukuja Austin,  he would have come to see me first, before akuje akuone wa mandevu wewe, sio wa trunk, eeh Samidoh gonga vitu eh kama ni msichana kula msichana, gonga vitu."

Sue then warned Kibe against talking about her in his show, threatening unspecified action "Sifanye hivo, don't on my God don't take me for granted sweetheart, hutanikujai mimi, mimi si watu wa Kenya, mimi sio wa jesus, mimi sio Terence. Mi nitakuja mpaka kwako I knock on the door my darling and tell you what I want."

She further told Kibe that he should stop talking about Samidoh, his wife Eddah, and baby mama Karen Nyamu. "Yes, he has all that. What do you have? Where are your children, wewe utazikwa na nani hata huna watoto?"

She reminded Kibe that at least Samidoh has women fighting for him, asking him who is fighting for him. "Cockroaches can't even fight for you. We stand with Samidoh, what are you gonna do?"

Watch the video below;

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