Man in Will Smith's marital scandal hints that he's gay

Man in romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett coms out a gay

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• August Alina trended when Jada mentioned him as her entanglement.

• Alsina as peaking about a new love.

Jada Pinkett with Will Smith.
Image: Instagram

August Alsina, the young man mentioned by Jada Pinkett as the man she had an 'entanglement with is trending online.

Alsina has supposedly come out as gay.

"In a 20-second clip that is circulating on Twitter, Alsina is heard saying, "And then what do you know? Love showed up. I wanna share that and really honour the person I love who has taught me so much about love and healing.

I wanna do that in front of the world. Because it defies all the social constructs that one would say that love is supposed to be or love should look like."

After this explanation, a man walks into the camera, and seats next to August, who then proceeds to hug him intimately.

Many are confused about the confession wondering whether he is speaking about a bromance or something deeper than that?

The 30-year-old singer is currently appearing on the reboot of VH1′s The Surreal Life and he talked about his new relationship during the final moments of the latest episode, which aired on Monday night (November 21).

August was mentioned by Jada Pinkett as the man she was in an entanglement with.

August Alsina with Jada Pinkett.
Image: Courtesy

August is well known for his romantic relationship with Will Smith's wife Jada  In June 2020, he claimed that Will Smith gave him permission to enter a relationship with her, but then her rep denied it.

A day later, Will wife appeared on her Facebook Red Table Talk with Will and they revealed that she actually did have a romantic relationship with August.

This was during a period of time when the couple was separated, but they denied Will gave permission.

She called the relationship an “entanglement” which made the term go viral at the time.

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