King Kaka's wife Nana gives brutal truth about having an enduring marriage

The Switch Media presenter has been very supportive of her hubby over the years

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The mom of two has opened up on the secret of her marriage with her hubby, King Kaka.

• Nana showed off her sacrificial nature last year when she supported her very sick rapper hubby.

Nana Owiti and King Kaka.
Image: Instagram

Switch Media presenter Nana Owiti, the wife of rapper King kaka has advised netizens about the value of patience in marriage.

In a heartwarming note on her Instagram, Nana shared a picture of her family, saying that their journey to being one was not easy.

"This was just not a goal but a dream. I dreamt of this and I prayed for it. I’m beyond blessed to experience it 🥹. Many a time, people will point out how good we have it...Others will ask how we did it..but verily verily I say unto you…this is just an end product."

Her key to a successful marriage like hers?

"Don’t focus on that. It’s been pure work behind the scenes. It’s been blood, sweat and maaaaany tears. It’s been loads and loads of prayers but that you probably won’t see."

According to Nana's sentiments, people should not rush things, while tolerating others.

"As a generation, let’s not focus much about the end product. Let’s walk into partnerships knowing it’s gonna take a lot. Let’s not be quick to run away at the first sign of a rumble strip on the road..It’s indeed a road with so many signs. Let’s not give up too soon."

King Kaka, Nana Owiti and their family.
Image: Instagram

The couple met by chance at a movie shop. Nana always says that she made the first move.

The beautiful dark-skin mom said she  made the first move on him but allowed herself to be chased by Kaka who took up the challenge and came up with the pick-up line: "1 love your toes."

In 2019, Nana recounted the day saying;

"I was wearing a short black dress and black sandals. Toes manicured and lip balm on my lips. Hair tied back. Then you threw your ‘I love your toes’ comment. I remember thinking. Jesus! What a fetish. Freak. I like this one’," she wrote.

Adding, "All through, you have demonstrated what growth is, orchestrated what love is and redefined what family and family virtues are. All these years passed, children sired and you still look at me the way you did that first day. Who is an ideal partner? Oh! I know."

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