Anerlisa clarifies mom's influence on her business

The light-skinned lady owns Nero Water Company

• Anerlisa explains how her mum supported Nero Water company.

• She also explained to her followers that she used her brains properly.

Anerlisa and her Lovely Mum
Anerlisa and Mum. Anerlisa and her Lovely Mum
Image: Instagram

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has responded to fans who think that her mother funds her company Nero company.

In a recent Instagram live, Anerlisa explained to her followers that she used her brains properly but agreed that her mum supported her dream at the beginning.

"Yes, my mum supported me but it also depends on what dreams I had. I could have chosen to go party and eat all the money. But since I wanted to achieve something of my own, I invested," she said.

She also revealed how a close friend of hers misused funds they were given by their parent to set up a business.

"I have a friend who was given sh100M by their parent to start a business but they partied all of it and ended up with nothing. I work so hard to make sure this business is running. During the week, I am always in the office and not partying like most people think I do."

Anerlisa Muigai.
Image: Instagram

A while ago, Anerlisa Muigai again went off on an Instagram fan who trolled her after she posted about how men respect women who have worked hard and earned their money.

“Once you make a little bit of your money, all these men will have some sort of respect for you. #fact,” she shared.

Well, that did not settle well with one of her Instagram fans who felt that the multi-billion shilling beer empire heiress is successful thanks to her mother, Tabitha Karanja, Keroche Breweries director.

"Once your mommy* makes some money for you," one Instagram user commented.

Anerlisa asked where the fan’s mommy was when hers was making the millions.

"And where was your mommy* at when mine was making money?" she quipped.

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